by Dakota Adams

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released October 30, 2015

All songs written by Thresholds. All lyrics written by Dakota Adams.
Additional writing contributed by Trevor Hoffort & Drew Price.
Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Trevor Hoffort.
Album artwork by Daniel Wagner.



all rights reserved


Dakota Adams Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Hello
HELLO lost friends
Are you listening?
I wish you could see me now
I’m just the soul of a forgotten man
You are gathered here to find reason in occurrences that seem unclear The doors will open to the unknown, or so the story goes
Call upon the ones once lost
You’ll lead them here, but at a cost
Nothing can protect you from the terror that is bound to come
Hello out there
We are listening
We open up to you
Can you show us the other side, and what lies beyond?
I can feel it taking over
Make it stop, I’m being tortured
Clawing, scratching, itching, screaming behind my eyes, my mind is reeling
I’m in Hell
I feel it crawl beneath my skin
I cannot defend myself as my soul is ripped away
I cannot escape this death
I’m headed for an early grave
Is this everything that you had hoped for, or were you reaching out beyond for something more?
You really don’t want to see the things that come to pass, but it’s too late now, the curse is cast
Will you find the answers to the questions that you ask in fear?
Track Name: Gallows
Lyrics (Copyright 2015 Dakota Adams. All rights reserved.)

Hanging from the gallows
Of incessant sorrow
I have no solace
This life is full of malice
I’ll never be set free
No one is listening to me

As I lay awake at night
I feel the noose is getting tight
Darkness creeps up all around me
I can’t see the light

Every day I lived, I failed
though I tried so hard just to prevail
I'm shrouded by this darkness
is this all that life entails?

Fuck this life
I am all alone here
What I once was I will never come near

Fuck this life
I am all alone now
I tried to fight it but I don't know how

Suffering alone
In dark shadowed silence
It eviscerates me from head to toe
If I were to die (If I were to die)
The world would carry on without the blink of an eye

Youll never know what it’s like to live a lie
Believe me when I say that you’d be praying to die
Its as if a rope cuts off the blood to my mind
This noose is getting tighter
It's so much tighter

I never thought that things would end like this
It’s like a sick and twisted game of chess
How am I supposed to get ahead
When the king’s already dead?

I am not sane enough to keep living this way
My life is crashing down around me each and every day
It’ safe to say that I’ll be burning in hell
As it turns out had no more fucking soul to sell

Tighten the knot and end the game
It isn’t worth it to live this way
Tighten the knot and end the game
It isn’t worth it to live this way
Track Name: Coffin
Give into the pressure
Turn it up a notch
Time to play the martyr
Lay in wait forever now

Seeing that all hope is lost, it seems everything is frightening
Singled out and terrified, what could I have done?
I’m suffering, can’t breathe at all
There’s nothing left for me
So box me up, lower me down, six feet underground

Time to play the martyr
Let’s turn it up a notch
Give into the pressure
Lay in wait forever

I can’t take this torment, alone and left to rot.
My spirit is breaking
I’m slipping away

I cannot see anything in front of me. Lay in wait to seal my fate
One thing must be done: body must now part from soul
I’ll never again be whole
Pain tears through my bones as I feel myself detach
Here I am slipping away, another victim of psychological decay
I promise that you will see me again, when everyone is placing roses on your coffin
One day you’ll see how it feels to Rest In Peace
Cold and stiff and buried deep, this is what’s to come
Look at what we’ve done…
Track Name: The Setting Sun
As the winds from the west begin to swell, darkness fades from the top of the hills
But the light that you see is just a disguise, and the fear that you hold will never subside
So you follow the path to be reborn again and believe blindly that you’ll be saved
“Purify” yourself and abandon everything that you had ever stood for Can you truly cleanse your soul of all your sins?
Will it really save you in the end?
It’s too late.
You are the one who broke every boundary
Nothing can clear your name of the sentence you carry
You will not ever be safe from eternal torment
No god will protect your soul; it’s been overtaken
You are nothing, won’t amount to anything, living life behind the lies you conceive within your fucking mind
Brainwashed and unstable, no one’s sitting at your table
Everyone is over it, the lies you spit
You’re full of shit
You will never be respected
Everyone knows how you’ve acted
You ruined your reputation
This is your end, the demise you’ve chosen
What’s done is done is done
You’d better fucking run
Nothing that you do or say will ever make this go away. So brace yourself for your judgment day and give up
Ignorance is bliss it seems, ‘til the veils put up to make you think that the darkness that you feel inside is just a trick inside your mind
Your time is coming
Your end is near
As the sun in the west lowers down, darkness reigns down on you now
What will it take to make you see that you’ll always be lost and never free?
Track Name: A New Moon
So this was your true face all along
You hide behind a mask and a coward’s song
What face do you think that you’ll wear today?
One that lies?
One that cries?
You’re fucking insane
Well I’m not one to stand for this, and it’s obvious you’ve made things run amiss
The acts committed by your hiss are deserving of the devil’s kiss
You are a virus poisoning the world
How can you bear to live this way looking down on everyone you can’t manipulate?
I hope you choke on the smoke of your blazing ego and suffocate You’ve never had any pure intentions
You’ve gone too far astray
You’ll never take anything from me
Your power, your vengeance, it’s all a dream
You’ve dug your grave, now listen to me
You’ve dug your grave
You’re dead to me
You’re just a shell, a hollow vessel that will surely rot in Hell
A connection to a shattered past, living your life in a house of glass Now you’re throwing all these threats like stones, blaming the innocent from your false throne
Don’t act surprised that your home’s destroyed, because you did this on your own
What’s the difference anyway?
There’s no way that you’ll make it through another day
There’s so little hope left for you
All your lies, Karma cries, and your nightmares are now realized
You are cornered by your worst intentions
They’re knocking at your door
You have no control, alone and powerless
You’re rotting from the inside out: a product of a tortured soul
When all is said and done you are the plague
So, kill the virus
Just end it all
You are the plague
Just end it all
You’ve picked your poison, now pull the trigger
Go on ahead, do us all a favor
Nothing lasts forever when you sell your soul to the highest bidder What are you waiting for?
Pull the fucking trigger…
Track Name: Yes//No
What’s it gonna be bitch?
You’re standing right in front of me
With empty eyes its no surprise that the tables have been turned on me
Now look and see this web we weave; its verging on insanity
The monsters living in our heads will be the death of you and me
Everything I knew seems like a lie after what I’ve been put through
I’m searching for the light that could finally bring me home to you
But something isn’t right; the monster inside has taken you
I can’t bear the thought of losing you
This seems like a charade, but it takes us over quietly to fester and create incarnations of hypocrisy
If our eyes just could see that this place is not what it seems to be, then we could be set free eternally
We have to find some way out of here
Lost and never found; as captives trapped inside their minds
Where does this nightmare end?
I can’t find my way back home to the place I call my own
Stranded in the sea of the damned
Run as fast as you motherfucking can, and find a place to hide to rid the demons from your mind
Don’t ever look back to the past, stand your ground, keep your head held high
Don’t ever forget who you are
Wake up to reality…
Track Name: Grim
I cannot feel a thing anymore
I will lurk this world forevermore
Over and over, lost in disorder
Cloaked and somber, I’ve lost the war
There’s no escaping this maze we’ve been running
My mind is racing
There’s no end in sight
I feel like I’ve come undone
The end is near, I’ll soon be gone
As I sink its plain to see that no one will remember me
I never wanted this to be
I never wanted it to be like this
Over and over, lost in disorder
Cloaked and somber, I’ve lost the war
Living in fear of meeting our maker
The world’s grown colder; the reaper is near…
Track Name: Eerie
I have nowhere left to run…dead ends at every turn
The devil’s reach will drag me down to the depths of hell
It’s over now
I feel like I’ve come undone
The end is near, I’ll soon be gone
As I sink its plain to see that no one will remember me
Colder, colder, body’s going numb
Contorting, shaking, what have I done?
I feel my lungs fill with water
I cannot hold out much longer…
Track Name: Good Bye
Will I ever get out of here alive?
Will I ever get out of here?
I’m sick of living life surrounded by this Hell; my soul’s no longer grounded
Take me away; get me out of my head
It’s a motherfucking mess; I’d much rather be dead
But it’s no use now; my blood’s been bled
And there’s no bullet in the pistol that I put to my head
Oh, here we go, let’s put on a show to the world so they all will know Call the doctor, sedate me, diagnose me insane
You’ll all turn a blind eye because you’re living in vain
We are alone, the tortured souls, with nothing left to guide us but a sick sense of woe
The pain we hold inside will never cease or subside
This is the end of the world we know
I am all alone, so cold, and I’m walking down a narrow road
When there’s nothing left for me here, I cant make it on my own
Cutting the skin down to the bone just so I wont feel so alone
Where is the meaning in this feeling that’s taking its toll?
I'm still here searching desperately, yet there's nothing to remind me to not forget how to breathe
The minutes pass like days and turn me into a slave to the bitter kiss of a loveless disease
Feeling this helpless is routine for me, with nothing holding me down to my sanity
When all hope is lost, its so plain to see that nothing that can be done to be redeemed
Everything is gone and I’ve lost all control to the overwhelming torture of a blackened soul
And the world that lies around me now turns to ash as a bleak and frigid notion washes over me
In the end, the truth is overwhelming that this calloused, dying world is what’s controlling me
And the place that I once found to be a comforting home makes me wish that I would have died long ago
This is good bye.